About Laser Hair Removal Basel

Not just any laser-hair removal.

There are many ‘laser’ devices which offer hair removal & achieve it with varying results.
Through extensive research & testing, Dr. Wagner currently recommends the Lutronic Clarity 2 Laser (wavelength of 755nm – 1064nm.)

This is the forefront of painless, clinically proven hair removal & is suitable for all skin types.

Clarity2 is only available for use by properly trained professionals with medical supervision. Offering excellent, pain-free results in a fraction of the usual time.
A free 15 minute initial consultation with a test patch is recommended to ensure the best results. Book Your Appointment Here

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is an Average Number of Sessions Per Area - Discussed fully in the free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does laser hair removal work?
Laser light is selectively absorbed by melanin, the pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding cells.
2How is treatment carried out?
The laser light is carefully aimed at the area to be treated and a short pulse of directed (laser) light is released, which targets many follicles simultaneously. The laser is then moved to the neighbouring area of skin and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated.
3Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?
Of the many methods there are to remove hair, there are no 100% permanent options. Alexandrite Laser treatment is amongst one of the most effective currently available. Our patients experience a dramatic hair reduction in areas treated, with impressive long-lasting results and permanently thinner, lighter hair than when they started. Our specially trained technicians use an extremely precise instrument to treat every individual hair follicle with light over a course of sessions.
4How many treatments will be needed?
For laser removal to work, the hair must be actively growing during the treatment session, so multiple sessions will normally be necessary for full hair removal. Treatment is carried out every 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the area treated, until the desired result is achieved. The required number of treatments varies but typically 6 or more individual sessions are needed for optimum results with maintenance treatments as required.
5Am I suitable for laser hair removal?
Most people are suitable for treatment. Best results are often achieved with clients who have fair skin and thick, dark hair. Dark hair is more easily treated as it has a high concentration of melanin (which absorbs the laser light). Blond hair contains less melanin & as a result is generally harder to treat. White or grey hair has no melanin thus is not considered suitable for laser removal.
6How does the treatment feel?
Treatment sensation varies from person to person, but is often described as quick pinches, or warm prickles. Typically, no anaesthetic is required, although we also employ a special cooling gel and apparatus to increase comfort. Most patients describe any discomfort as mild and tolerable. It is generally considered to be far less painful than waxing.
7Are there any side effects?
The skin may redden immediately after treatment and the hair follicle may be a little swollen and bumpy but this usually subsides within a few hours. Adverse reactions are rare but may include a small blister or temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. In our initial consultation we will carry out a test patch at least 24 hours prior to your first full session to ensure the correct energy level has been chosen for your skin and hair type.
8How long does each treatment take?
Treatments can take as little as 5 minutes for an upper lip to an hour or more for larger body areas. Your individual timeframe will be discussed before we begin treatment.
9Who performs the procedure?
Your long-term health & comfort are our primary aim; along with delivering the desired hair removal results of course. Only Dr. Wagner approved, medically trained Laser Technicians will provide laser removal services.
10Why Should I Choose Dr. Wagner over a standard beauty Salon?
With Dr. Wagner’s Beauty treatments, you have the benefit of medical expertise, not found in any standard laser hair removal Salon. Although the initial price for a treatment may appear slightly higher than the lower end hair removal businesses. The laser we use is of a much higher quality and power. The technician who provides the treatment is also medically trained, and Dr. Wagner is on hand to provide any other services you require. This means that fewer treatments are required to achieve the best laser hair removal results, resulting in a lower overall cost for the completed treatment. The results are also markedly better, due to the deeper penetration of the laser, high degree of training & unique intellitrack technology which helps to guide the laser to its best result.
11I have darker skin, will Laser Hair Removal work for me?
In a word, yes! But only when using the lutronic Clarity 2 Laser or comparable Nd:YAG laser. Salons often promise results that are extremely difficult to achieve using diode lasers and can cause other skin health complications such as hyperpigmentation. This is why Dr. Wagner only uses the Alexandrite Nd:YAG laser, the wavelength of this laser penetrates deeper into the skin, allowing the entire follicle to be targeted, and bypasses the pigmentation present in the skin (the melanin). It is absolutely the safest option for medium to dark skin, or people who have recently had a tan. If you do choose to visit a cheaper salon which uses a diode laser, please make sure that the technician is experienced, skilled & has a track record with skin above a 4 on the Fitzpatrick scale. As diode lasers can cause overheating in the skin and damaging the pigment, this can lead to hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, causing blotchy skin. The advice is that Nd:YAG lasers are the safest option for darker skin types.