The Different Types of Hair Removal

Hair Removal Creams

What do I need to do to get started?

Not a large amount,

Simply research and then buy the cream suitable for the area you want to target and in a quiet moment, begin applying!

How much money do I need to spend?

The costs will vary depending on the area and the brand you choose to employ.

but you can expect to pay from 6 CHF for a small tube to 30 CHF for a more high-quality product.


  • This method leaves skin feeling smoother for longer than shaving.

  • Hair regrowth is less harsh than shaving regrowth as the hair is dissolved.



  • Skin irritation and stinging, even with the mildest of creams, it is still an acid.

  • Not suitable for all areas of the body, especially not intimate zones or sensitive areas. Also, be very careful you do not have broken skin – ouch!

  • Messy and smelly – most creams carry an intense perfume which will definitely not be mistaken for a designer fragrance

  • Wear gloves, or scrub, scrub, scrub your hands after application. Otherwise, you will not only lose the hair you have targeted!

How Long Does It Last?

Only for about 3-7 days, then you can start again.