The Different Types of Hair Removal

Hair Removal - IPL

What do I need to do to get started?

Although home devices are becoming quite readily available, often with bold claims of their efficiency, safety and ease of use, IPL should ideally, always be performed by a trained professional.

With at home devices, unless you are a qualified dermal or laser therapist, it is very difficult to determine your own suitability for treatment with an IPL Device.

You risk severe burns, scarring and hyper pigmentation if treating an area which is not suitable.

How much money do I need to spend?

In general, IPL devices can start at 50chf rising to around 400 CHF for a brand name and beyond.


  • You don’t need to let your hair grow out

  • It can remove some hair either permanently or for a year.


  • Risks of permanent damage if not trained.
  • Less powerful than both basic salon & medical laser hair removal. Means results are patchy and difficult to achieve.
  • Treatments carried out at home or by non-trained therapists can cause infection and permanent scarring.
  • Time Consuming for less than great results. – Each hair must be zapped during an active growing cycle, and with less power from these devices, the temptation is to do more for longer, increasing your risk of damage.
  • Most at home devices will not work on darker skin, and can cause burns if they do.
  • Do not use them in the genital area.
  • There is a permanent effect on treated hairs, however due to the low power of the devices, their efficacy is far worse than proper laser hair removal. The risks of damage to yourself if not properly trained should also be seriously considered as they damage can be more permanent than the results.
  • IPL devices in salons and homecare are not sufficiently powered to provide the desired treatment. This can unfortunately after an initial loss of hair lead to a strong stimulation in hair growth, actually increasing the amount of hair you have to deal with.

How Long Does It Last?

There is a permanent effect on treated hairs.