The Different Types of Hair Removal


What do I need to do to get started?

Not a lot!

Just jump into the shower or bath, grab a razor and some shaving lubricant and get to work!

How much money do I need to spend?

To get started, a small amount really.


A quality non-powered razor costs around 15 CHF and, with careful storage and cleaning, should last for between 3 to 10 shaves before it becomes too dull for good results.

The best indicator that it is time to replace is when the blades become dull and it does not provide a close glide against the skin.


  • Can be done at home

  • It is Quick



  • Although initially it seems like the cheapest approach to hair removal, It can actually work out much more expensive than permanent or semi-permanent treatments. The average estimated lifetime cost for people who shave is up to 8000 CHF on supplies!

  • The risk of cuts or nicks in the skin! There is no point in aiming for hair free legs for a fabulous skirt or swimwear if you have a thousand little cuts, or scabbed knees and ankles.

  • Coverage! It is almost guaranteed you will miss sections, especially in hard-to-reach areas leaving little tell-tale tufts to give away your secrets.

  • Quality of skin – nothing dries the skin quite as much as a razor being dragged across the skin. Even with healing balms and lotions. Anything you did save in price, you will need to spend on quality rehydrating moisturisers, just to get back to baseline.

  • The treatment areas are limited with razors except for the bravest or most flexible. All that yoga may pay off!

  • In-grown hairs! Ouch… when you inevitably shave against the hair growth direction – ouch, ouch, ouch!

How Long Does It Last?

Expect around 1-3 days hair free before the stubble returns.